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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

For 'Werneth Low'

It was a bit dull this morning but I went down to the Market Square and took these photographs of the new layout, more of less one from each corner:

And here's one looking at the Town Hall which I took about 3 weeks ago:
Gerald England has taken quite a few photographs of the Market Square over the last few months and you can find them here on the Hyde Daily Photo.


Werneth Low said...

Dave,thank you. How kind of you to go out specially to take these amazing photos. I get a sense of what's been done but, looking at the shots, I wouldn't be entirely convinced that it was money well spent. I'll be over soon so will look at it in the real to see if I like it any better! Love the one of the town hall. Thanks again.

Tom said...

Well done Dave.. I so agree with the shot of the Town Hall.. excellent.

Bill Lancashire said...

I was never an avid fan of the redevelopment of the market. It's now just a pale shadow of what it used to be, but I guess that's the way of many market areas, much the same as so many town centres that have been 'ruined' by the proliferation of large supermarkets.

Having walked across the new market recently though I have to say that the open square is quite pleasant and is reminiscent of a 'piazza'. However, it needs to be used. There should be regular activities on it to make it a focal part of Hyde life. And it must not be left as 'dead space'.

beryl calverley said...

just to say something about the new look market (hyde).where has the market gone?,just paving stones,they could at least put a few flower beds,or a small fountain would have been nice.

Rock Ape said...

Tom,how about a fountain in the middle!!!!
Looks a bit empty as it is tho'.

Tom said...

I was down there today, I was sat on the carpet stall with Paul Hesketh. The market was quiet, and Paul commented on the lack of people on the market.
I don't think it was because of how the market looks, but because folks are shopping in a different way now.
The way the stalls are set out is very different, and of course now there is less of them.
The market square looked fine in this mornings sun, people were sat around chatting and it had a nice feel about the place.
Work is going on towards the White Lion where the paving is still being worked on.
After I left the market I went into the mall, people were coming and going and certain shops seemed to be doing fine.
I think if the work on the market had been done in the winter time people would have had the spring and summer and more use from it.
All in all today Hyde had a nice 'feel' about the place.. I think this new design will work well, and the 'square' will come into it's own.

Dave Williams said...

One advantage of the open space is that when I've had my Friday lunch-time half in the White Lion I can walk in a straight line diagonally across the market towards the HSBC Bank to go up Market Street on my way home instead of having to weave my way round the market stalls. Of course if I've had a few pints then I find I'm still weaving my way across the market square!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I'm just hoping they are going to paint the top of the stalls in the bright coloured stripes they used to have. I'm glad there is NO fountain.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Sad to say this will only be temporary. Shopping trends have changed dramatically world wide. Markets in Oz are fast becoming a 'novelty' where only farm produce and craft are sold in smaller towns. People now want covered in, one stop shopping Malls which are air conditioned in summer and heated in winter with no chance of getting wet. Main streets are disappearing fast. In time Hyde will have to admit that they have an anachronism in the town centre and submit to 'progress'. Again I stress, SAD TO SAY.

Hyde Lad said...

Will they be putting the crown pole back on the market, it would be a shame if they didn't. It had a certain charm about it.

margaret said...

When I saw the new flower beds I wondered who had died. They look more like the black boarders of tomb stones. As there is no where to sit and relax that is just what they are being used for. The whole area looks empty. Also, no one will bother with the market if there are fewer stalls to look at and of a poor standard, mind you that sums up Hyde centre at this time, with a couple of gems such as the Hyde Camera Centre. I don't just don't go with the supermarket argument in HYde as for years they and the centre worked well together. Rather over charging with rent, rates & carparking.