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Monday, 8 October 2012

Coming to a theatre near you...

Here is an invite to all our readers, from Stuart Green.....
Laughter fans everywhere are invited to a great evening of entertainment and comedy in Hyde. The Laurel and Hardy themed night takes place on Saturday 20th October at 7.30 at The Festival Theatre Hyde.
‘The Men Behind the Movies’ a talk by Chris Coffey, gives an insight into the background and history of Laurel and Hardy. Probably many things you didn’t know! Then in the second half Andrew Craig Shepherd takes to the stage with his critically acclaimed one-man play ‘The Fiddle and the Bow’. Andrew captures Stan and Ollie’s mannerisms superbly in this wonderful play charting their rise to fame.
Andrew Craig Shepherd
Theatre Royal Onward are holding the event as a promotion evening for the Theatre Royal in Hyde. The group are delighted that their prime objective has been achieved - that the Theatre Royal building, once threatened with demolition, has been saved. The high standard of work carried out on the theatre by the owner means the building is now secure from decay and retains many of its original and wonderful Edwardian features.
TRO spokesperson said “We have a vision of a multi-use future for the theatre, like so many other old theatres being brought back into use with great success around the country. Community and business use would attract people into the town creating social and economic capital. It would breathe new life into Hyde town Centre and our Options Appraisal confirms multi-use is feasible”.
Tickets for the show at £6 and £5 concessions are available from Chris Hamer on 0161 368 8771.


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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the good news about the Theatre Royal. The money wasted on Hyde market could have been better used getting this building put to good use than wasted on the market square that I think up to now's had three face lifts since the late 1950's. Bringing the Theatre Royal up to scratch would have given Hyde something that even that crap hole Ashton's not got, a magnificent venue. Had this theatre been in Ashton, the council would have ensured its survival.