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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mystery Farm ..

We were recently sent this photo by Marjorie who also sent this short email with it. 
Over to Marjorie...

"This was given to me some time ago by an elderly relative who said it was Wyken (or could it be Wicken?) Farm on Werneth Low, the home of the Wilkinson family who are standing outside.  They were distant relatives of my mother. Does anyone know where this is, or was"?


I do hope someone can shed some light on this.

Many Thanks, Marjorie :)


David Hamilton sent us the following maps which show that Wicken is still standing today ! It is at the bottom of the map just slightly to the right of the centre. David also tells us that it is currently on the market for £595.000 !!   Wicken
Wicken1 Wicken Many Thanks, David :) Much appreciated !


Anonymous said...

Approx 250 mtrs south west of the Hare & Hounds.
Dave H

Anonymous said...

I Mean South East !!!

Dave H.

Bill Lancashire said...

I think that if you go down the lane opposite Joel Lane and past the side of HCC you will come to Wicken.

Anonymous said...

Thats correct Bill.

Dave H

Marjorie said...

Thanks. Next time I'm up ther I'll have a look. Is it still a farm?

Hydonian said...

Updated now :)

Marjorie said...

How interesting. Pity I can't afford to buy it!

John Taylor said...

Spent many a happy evening at Wicken cottage in the '60's. My school pal John Dutton and his family lived there. Built around 1632 it had the utmost character. I'm in SA now but would buy it if I were back in England. Such wonderful history.

John Taylor said...



John M said...

Interested to find this photograph as this is my great grandfathers family shown as living at Wicken cottage on the 1911 census .The childrens names were Thomas (my grandfather)Cicely,John,Jenny,Clara,and Agnes.The adults Francis and Lucy.