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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Adverts from the Tameside Guide

A couple of adverts from the Tameside guide circa 1974. 
Nice to see that Kenyons is still in business.



If only it was that easy to get a job today!


Marjorie said...

Kenyon's made the ropes for the 1953 Everest expedition .

Tom said...

Hi Marjorie,
I never new that thanks for your input.

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Marjorie said...

Sir George Kenyon told me!

Tom said...

Can't get better provenance than that Marjorie...
I liked Lady Kenyon... who I met quite a few times in my youth, I'm shamed to say it was in the local magistrates court where she chaired the bench.
Both of them give a lot of their time to Hyde. I think they lived on Chapel Street.
I saw Lady Kenyon whilst shopping in Hyde, many years after I had been in front of her on the bench, We were both queuing for Veg, at Crabtree's Fruit and Veg stall in the mall. I said hello and she responded likewise, then she said she recognised me from somewhere, and I explained where and how we had met. She give a knowing smile and said she knew that but had not wanted to embarrass me.. We then had a nice chat.. she was a lovely person, but was known to be quite stern at times.