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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rev. D R Jacobs - Zion Congregational

Today we received this wonderful email and newspaper clipping from Mary-Helen Crowe....

Over to "Mary-Helen,

 I thought you might be interested in the attached clipping of Rev. D.R. Jacobs who was the Pastor at Zion and married my Grandparents in August, 1885.  He came to Manitoba in 1889 and my Grandparents came out to them in 1898.   When Rev. Jacobs retired they lived near us in Winnipeg and I remember him very well.  John Black Church they mention was my family Church and I was there when he preached  in his 90th year.  He was a great old man.
I was visiting my Granddaughter in Manchester in September, 2012 and went to Zion Congregational and met Pastor Hardiman.  He showed us archival books and I found a number of my great aunts and uncles baptismal records.  My great-grandmother was a Member of Zion, Violet Birch.   It was such a wonderful occasion for me to actually tread the spot my Grandparents did in their young years.
All the best,
Mary-Helen Crowe (age 84)"


What a lovely story !  
Many thanks Mary-Helen for sharing this with us !


Tom said...

Lovely post... bought a smile to my face this cold Wednesday morning.

Werneth Low said...

Wow, what a wonderful post, and many thanks to Mary Helen for sending it in. As Tom says, it brightens up a cold Wednesday morning.

Anonymous said...
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