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Thursday, 4 October 2012

We Love Hyde !!





Tom said...

I've removed two comments that had been left as I felt they could encourage others to go 'off topic' Please comment about the post and the spirit behind the day...
Thank you

Tom said...

Seems I will have to spend more of my time removing comment today....

The post is about an event, not the market.. and at the end of the day this is a blog and not a forum.... Feel free too start your own blog or better still a forum, .
Today I have also answered email sent in to the blog, removed over 20 spam comments... all this time as been given freely, all I ask is the comment section to be kept on topic of the daily posting. It is a shame I have had to do it this way but the comment sections are at times being abused.

B Williams said...

This can only be a good day on Saturday. It is what is needed to bring the town together and show what goes on behind the scenes. I know the Hyde branch of the RNLI are having a stall to promote what they do. The fun and games on the Millennium Green should be great for the kids and grown ups alike. Do come down to the market and gardens and find out what goes on in the town.

Anonymous said...

I love anything like this that promotes the good in the town and brings the people together.
Hope it's a huge success !