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Friday, 11 January 2013

1950's Industrial Hyde

Here is a great panorama of 1950's industrial Hyde. 

The shot was taken from the top of James North factory. Below it, in the foreground, is part of James North itself including the two chimneys to the middle of the picture and the long building with lots of windows which was the Douglas Street part of the factory and stood on Queen Street. To the left of this is the "Rec" playing fields which was also on Douglas Street/Mona Street and to the right is the reservoir which stood on Queen Street. The Town Hall can be seen  towards top left of the photo.
My Nan's house stood next to the two chimneys and although it looks grim it was a great place to grow up in - our playground was Norths factory yard! Heaven to us as kids !


 I love this picture. It reminds me of a Trevor Grimshaw painting.

Thumbnail for larger view


Werneth Low said...

I love this photo. If Trevor Grimshaw had painted this view I might have been tempted to sell everything to buy it! Before North's went into the Slack Mills premises, where in Hyde were they based? I should know that of course but I can't remember - the ravages of time I guess!

Anonymous said...

Before Slack Mill,s ,James North,s was based at Bottom St,at the bottom of Commercial Brow.