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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Various 1960's Snaps.

Hyde Park flower beds circa 1966. Look how beautiful the flower displays were !
Note Hyde Town Hall and St Georges Church in the background.

Whit Walk Band circa 1968

Whit Walk. Market Street Parade circa 1968
Williams Deacon's Bank  and Greenwoods Menswear in the background .
Sadly Greenwoods is no longer open and the bank is now the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Williams Deacon's Bank is now part of the Royal bank of Scotland.It was acquired in 1930 and had a large network of branches in the north-west of England. In 1970 it was integrated with Glyn,Mills and Co.and the The National Bank (which were part of the same group) to form Williams and Glyn's Bank

 William Deacon's Bank

 Greenwoods Menswear Ltd is a clothing retailer with a strong reputation for customer service and celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. The Company which has its Head Office in Bradford West Yorkshire, opened its first shop in 1860 in Bradford City Centre selling hats to the wool Barons of Yorkshire.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the above information.

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Karl B said...

Great pics that capture alot historical detail,the bandsman with his back to the camera looks like he might be filming the scene would like to see that footage if it still existed..