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Monday, 14 January 2013

Postcard from quieter times.

Here is a postcard sent to us by Elsie D.

It shows where Market Street meets Stockport Road. The Ring 'o' Bells pub is on the left and the old Zion chapel in the mist on the middle right.
Four out of the Five shops shown are still with us in some shape or form !

Note the distinct lack of vehicles on the road !!

Postcard view circa 1910

The view as it looks today, courtesy of Google maps..

Many thanks,  Elsie
Much appreciated.  :)


Werneth Low said...

There it is - the herb shop, next to the pub. I can smell the cloves, taste the liquorice root and wish I could still get one of their special recipe cough bottles! Happy days.

Anonymous said...

I only remember it as the launderette - a good place to hang out on a cold evening!!

Werneth Low said...

You must be young, anonymous! There were no launderettes when that was a herb shop. I think the first launderette in Hyde was opposite Meschia's next to the Jester Coffee Bar.