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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hyde Town Hall

One of the cards we received this Christmas (thanks again Ann and Bill!) had an old photograph of the Town Hall which I don't remember having seen before.
On the back of the card it appears to say that this is a photograph of Market Street in 1968:
It looks older than that, however, as the trolleybus wires are still there, and a check on the Francis Frith website shows that the date is actually given as c1955, which seems about right as the trolleybus service ended in 1966.
Have a look at the website - there are only three photographs of Hyde shown on it, but quite a few 'Memories of Hyde' from Hyde people.


Werneth Low said...

I have the 1955 Frith postcard and the pictures are identical so I'd stick with that as the date. Looking at it, it would seem that Boots the Chemist is still on the corner of Corporation Street, which it definitely wasnt in '68. Ive commented myself on the Frith site and have one of their old maps of Hyde framed - it's well worth a look as you say Dave.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that view before either !
It does look earlier than 1968 though.

Anonymous said...

The trollybus wires were out of use by early 1963 but I'm sure that they were left in place way into 1964.The poles stayed on a lot longer until their inevitable slimline modern replacements came along.