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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hyde Chapel Whit Walks

Yesterday we received the following email ...

Over to Trish ....  

"In the past week you posted a lovely video of Pole Bank. Our Hyde Chapel whitwalks procession went down to Pole Bank to sing to the old folks (that must have made them feel better!) 
Anyway, I found some old pictures that my dad took, must be from about 1956/57 . Nice to see the old trolley bus again. One of the pictures shows my dads Morris Oxford outside Pole Bank (look at the quiet road, bliss, those were the days!) 
The last photo is of me and my friends on the walk. I am the girl with the shoulder bag and dark pudding basin hat (Mum, what were you thinking of, it looks awful!)" HydeChapelwhitwalks2 HydeChapelwhitwalks dadsmorrisoxford Puddingbasinhat  

What wonderfully evocative photos they are, Trish !  I love your haircut by the way !!
Thanks for sending them to us. 
Much appreciated ! :)


Trish said...

Hi Hydonian, thats not the haircut, thats the awful dark hat, mind you the hair probably wasn't much better, so maybe thats why mum covered it!

Dave B said...

Marvelous photo's these Trish and bring back a lot of memories for me. I was born in '56 and lived on Apethorn Lane (opposite the bus) and later in primary school days used to walk past the trolley bus terminus every day on my way up Stockport Rd to Enfield St. Primary.
As a young lad these big machines used to fascinate me and I'd end up walking very slowly backwards, staring up, mouth open! (Nothings changed there much..ha)
For a young lad an extra bonus at the Apethorn Lane terminus was that the curvature of the overhead track was so severe when the bus spun round to make its return journey, the driver had to stop the bus, get out and detach the electric trolley poles using a long wooden pole (like a clothes prop really) and re-attach them on the opposite side of the curve.
Completely forgot about that clock also...Thanks Trish,some good memories there...

Hydonian said...

Lol @ Trish - I was trying to make you feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

I must be on the photo somewhere and my mum and dad.Ann(me), Arthur & Lilian Stafford.
This day was one of the best in the year.
First we met with the other Gee Cross churches out side The Grapes for a service.One hymn I remember:- 'From year to year in love we meet,
From year to year in peace we part,
The songs of children uttering sweet,
The bosom joy of every heart.
We were led by The Tideswell Silver Prize Band. We headed back to Sunday School for big currant buns, then home for lunch.
On the top field in the afternoon we had sports and the band played again.
Then home to change for the dance in the evening.Such a rich life!

Trish said...

In reply to Dave B's comment. I was born in 1946, and like Dave I went to Enfield St, though when Dave started there, I would have been at seconary school. And like Dave, I also loved those trolley buses,and I remember the long wooden pole they used, and I can still recall the sound of the trolley bus, many a time mum would meet us out of Enfield in the fifties and we would catch the trolley bus opposite the Grapes to go down into Hyde. Those trolley buses were great. My mum, dad, brother and I lived at my nan and grandad's house at 73 Apethorn Lane, until 1950 when I was 4 and their lovely two bedroomed house was getting a bit crowded, so we moved to King George Rd, and let nan and grandad get their house back in order! Nan And Grandad Garbett lived at 73 Apethorn Lane until they died, their garden was so colourful with cottage style flowers,and grandad's greenhouse full of that lovely smell of tomato plants and other veg, I remember shelling peas in their back garden, and the garden backed onto the fields, wonderful view. Nan and grandad got a tiny television with doors just in time to watch the Coronation in 1953, so we all crowded round in their small back room to watch that, I still remember that! My great grandparents also lived on Apethorn lane,(grandad's mother and father William and Mary Garbett) just past the old farm, and they kept hens in their back garden. but I didn't know my great grandparents as they died in 1932 and 1947. I still wander down Apethorn lane and recall times past, I love that area so much.

ANGIE said...

I remember the Whit walks during the 50s which we watched in Newton every year although we did watch them in Denton one year. We always had new outfits bought for us for Whitsun and after the walks we would visit neighbours and relatives(who all lived nearby in those days)and we would be given money for looking so lovely....6d or a shilling! Then we'd be able to buy sweets!