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Monday, 7 January 2013

Apethorn Farmhouse

Here is an email we received from Dave Barlow.
Very informative piece and great shot of the farmhouse !
"Hi Hydonians, 
Decent picture attached of Apethorn Farmhouse taken in the early 80's by Karl Barlow. I don't know when and don't know why but some time after this the roof tiles disappeared and of course as many of you are aware the roof is now covered in plastic sheeting to protect this 15th Century cruck framed farmhouse.
Did a bit of research regarding the buildings current situation and got these interesting facts off  site 'English Heritage at risk register 2012-North West'
DESIGNATION    Listed Building Grade II*   ( Grade I and Grade II* are particularly important buildings of outstanding interest, together they amount to 8% of all Listed Buildings.  The remaining 92% are off special interest and are listed Grade II--Pole Bank Hall is one of these by the way)
CONDITION        Poor   (conditions in Register range are  Very bad--Poor--Fair--Good)
OCCUPANCY      Vacant
PRIORITY             D    (slow decay,solution agreed but not yet implemented)
OWNER TYPE      Private--  Planning and Listed Building consents granted for residential conversion, but difficulties relating to ownership have not been resolved and the scheme has not been implemented.
Lets hope things are looking up for this rare and important building "


 Thumbnail for larger view !

I do hope this important building is saved !

Many thanks to Dave and Karl ! :)

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