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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kirkley House.

I don't know much about this next postcard only that it is entitled "Kirkley House".
I have no information on who the children were or the date it was taken..


I recently found a map that showed me where Kirkley House was located which I have enclosed below.

Kirkley house was/is ? situated around where Kirkley Street now stands.
Kirkley street is off Dowson Road.

If anyone has any more information they could give us on Kirkley House please contact the blog.

Thank you :)

 The following information was sent to us by Olwen...
Kirkley House is the house standing on Kirkley Street leading to the garage.
Whilst doing my family tree recently I found that my Great grandfather (Harry Mather Born 1881) lived there as a small child. When I was doing my research I called at the house to ask if I might take a 'photo and was kindly invited inside to see quite a few of the original features of the house- very emotional to see where my great grand father went upstairs to bed!!   
On a map of Hyde in 1897 Kirkley Hat Works is shown between Higher Henry Street, Thornley Street and Swain Street (Dowson Road) so presumably the house had something to do with the works. As children, I and my cousins were always told that John Mather (father of Harry) owned a hat factory off Swain street but have no paperwork to substantiate this - perhaps he was the Manager and the reason why he lived in Kirkley House.  
 The photo of the little girls looks to me to be taken on Church Street near St George's Church wall. 
Many Thanks, Olwen !! :)


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

It was possibly where these bungalows now are.

Anonymous said...

It still stands on Kirkley Street on the right on the way down to McKenzies Garage

Bill Lancashire said...

Actually at one time you could walk down Kirkley Street past Kirkley House and on through Norwood's wood yard (where the garage is now) and on to Church View. So the house was in fact only a couple of minute's walk away from St Georges. It's now been blocked off by the garage, although if you walk behind the Shell Station you still get onto Church View.

jenny roberts said...

I found a map from 1874 [Hyde town plan] on this site, http://www.old-maps.co.uk/maps.html which shows Kirkley House as a rather grand detached house in it's own grounds roughly where Higher Henry Street is now. The map shows a drive through the grounds coming off Tower Street.On the 1898 map, the house has gone.

Anonymous said...

Its still definitely there - detached and maybe not as grand as it was then but its definitely still there

Becky Mckenzie Media Blog said...

Hi there,

Kirkley House definitely still exists, as I currently live there! :) My parents own it along with one of the bungalows across the street and McKenzie's Auto Repairs (the garage at the bottom of Kirkley Street).

I was very excited to find this blog whilst trying to search for the date the house was built on behalf of my parents!

If anyone has any questions about the house I can certainly put you in touch with it's current owners (my parents) - not that they know much about the house!

Also, if anyone wants to view the house as it is now, there's a great shot of it on Google Street View.

Susan Jaleel said...

There's also a shot of it on Gerald's Hyde Daily Photo.

jenny roberts said...

I don't think this is the original Kirkley house. The old map shows Kirkley house to be roughly where Higher Henry Street is today. It was very large, back from the road and in it's own grounds. As I mentioned in my previous post on the 1898 map, the house had gone.