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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pole Bank Hall Past Occupants

Pole Bank Hall   (Past occupants and their families)


Pole Bank Film

Hope this is of interest to Pole Bank lovers like myself. I've done the research, cross-checked, double-checked and all the rest of it and pretty sure all facts and dates are now spot on but of course welcome any scrutiny.  The music I'm sure you won't be taking along to any parties but I think it fits the mood in this case.
Many thanks to sources of information used including  thepeerage.com (top class site and free) /Graces Guide/ Tameside Estates Dept./Tameside Archives.

Another great post by David Barlow.
Many Thanks !


Werneth Low said...

What a fascinating film this is - thank you once again, David, for sharing it with us. With its rich heritage, I think it's a pity that Pole Bank wasn't put to greater use than it has been. The opportunity for people to see the interior of the house would have been good, for instance.

Is Pole Bank a listed building?

Trish said...

Hi David, This is brilliant, you have a real talent, the video is beautifully put together, nice idea with the candles, and the music is perfect. Congratulations David, its a really excellent piece of work.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a facinating well produced film david. i find it haunting, particularly with the music. as children playing in the grounds in the 50' & 60's we only knew the house as an old peoples home and never thought of what history it held. next time i'm walking the grounds this summer i'll be thinking of the characters that walked before me!
thanks again.
eileen from bolton

Dave B said...

Thanks for your kind comments,much appreciated and it makes any effort worthwhile when getting some positive feedback. In reply to Werneth, Pole Bank Hall was Listed Grade II in 1986 according to site 'British Listed Buildings' http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-212492-pole-bank-hall-
Incidently Thomas Kerfoot mentioned in the video is referred to in one of Tom's posts Aug.2010, Label 'Belgium Refugees' It appears he is one of the benefactors in a list of names providing housing for refugees. He is mentioned as T.Kerfoot of Pole Bank and provided housing at 3 Harrison St. Gee Cross

Werneth Low said...

Now there's a coincidence. My friend, Susan Jackson, lived at 3 Harrison Street, GX, until her marriage in 1964. Small world!

Thanks Dave for the info about Pole Bank's listing.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Excellent - well put together - I must get up there again sometime once the weather improves.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with Werneth Low saying "I think it's a pity that Pole Bank wasn't put to greater use than it has been".

It's been home to many elderly people including a relative of mine who lived there for over 11 years and enjoyed being there. It offers care and companionship for many people who couldn't manage at home on there own

Werneth Low said...

I'm really sorry to have caused offence in what I said about Pole Bank; that was the last thing I intended. I know what a wonderful caring environment it has provided for its residents over the whole of my lifetime, and continues to do so. I was responding to its rich history as seen through David's film on the previous occupants and thought that, for me, it would have been wonderful to have had the house preserved as it used to be. Please don't be hurt at my remark.