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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone !

 Wishing all our readers, old and new, 
A Very Happy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year!


Thanks for all your support throughout the year !


Werneth Low said...

Happy New Year Nancy, Tom, Paul and Dave and a thousand thanks for keeping the home fires burning for Hydonians wherever in the world they might be. Good health, happiness and peace to you.

B Williams said...

Thank you Nancy for all your hard work on the blog and to Tom, Paul and hubby Dave. I too wish everyone reading or contributing to the blog a Happy and Peaceful New Year.
I am looking forward to reading lots of new things from people this year.

Tom said...

Happy New Year to one and all... Nancy you are a star and under your guidance the blog is doing very well indeed. Thank you for being there.

Thanks also to Dave and Paul for their work and support and being great team-mates.

Thanks to all who contribute and share their memories and personal pictures and family histories..

Hyde Lad said...

Again a Happy New Year to one and all, even to those who have tried to spoil and bring down the blog over the past year. I agree with Tom, Nancy has done some sterling work over the past few weeks. I will try and get a few more posts on.
Cheers Paul

Barry from Oz said...

Barry from Oz here, my new year is older than yours