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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Friends of Pole Bank

Below is a superb video from Dave Barlow 
and the Friends of Pole Bank.


Over to Dave...
"Hi Hydonians....You might be interested in this short promotional video featuring some of the work carried out by 'Friends of Pole Bank'  We are a fledgling group and any new members who are willing to pick up a brush, spade or perhaps do some litter picking will be welcome. We usually meet the first Sunday every month as a minimum.
We've had the solid support of Councillor Philip Fitzpatrick behind the Group, he has obtained funding for us and organised renovation of pathways into the woods and restoration of the damaged stone bridge also within the woodland. Of course in these times where services are having to be curtailed funding has its limits and so we are constantly looking at new ways to raise money as there are many projects that could be carried out at Pole Bank.
The pond itself is one of the main breeding grounds for amphibians in the area however since it was dredged in early 2010 there has been a marked drop in the water level due to some leakage. We managed to locate this leak a month or so ago and thanks to repairs carried out by Tameside Engineers we are hopeful that the water level should now increase substantially.
(For any closet Cliff Richard fans the music on this one should get at least one foot tapping!)
Dave Barlow"

Thanks so much to all concerned for making Pole Bank a lovely place to visit and, of course, to Dave for the video and information. :)


westarsteve said...

a lovely place to visit i used to cut the grass there when i worked for tameside council in the early 80s

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I've added a link to this video in my recently updated post about Pole Bank on Old Hyde.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I've done an updated post about Pole Bank on my Old Hyde blog and linked to the new video

Dave B said...

thanks for that Gerald, much appreciated....

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job you volunteers.I spent many happy hours in that park in the 1940's-1960's.Drawing lessons with school- Enfield St.dancing displays with Eileen Orpett's dancing classes, singing with Hyde Chapel at Whitsuntide, and playing in the woods with my friends- taking home bunches of wild garlic flowers for Mum-pooh what a stink! Later visiting my parents in Pole Bank Home.Now it will survive for future generations to enjoy. Ann Stafford(now Bacon) Thank you.

Dave B said...

Still plenty of wild garlic in the woods Ann, gives the woodland an intense distinctive smell at the height of summer...

Anonymous said...

See this is yet another chance to promote local Labour Councillors, as if we don't get enough with the local Reporter, Advertiser, and Citizen. Well, that's a left wing 'democracy' for you.
Make the most of your memories of what Hyde once was.

Susan Jaleel said...

Anne mentioned Eileen Orpet's dancing classes, which I attended in the 50s, along with so many Gee Cross girls. I wonder if anyone has any photos of our dancing displays - be good to see them on his blog if so.

Anonymous said...

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