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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Enfield Street School

Below are a few mixed photos of Enfield Street School before it became Laurel Bank Residential Care Home circa 1990..

 photo 9de8a124-9265-4ef4-9ee3-b59e38c1ccae.jpg
 photo 07ba296c-71ba-403b-aa95-30b37c91b96f.jpg
 The previous two photos show the School  looking up from Knott Lane.
I love the fact that it is literally a lane ie no proper road laid yet ! It looks so rural !

Joyce Enfield St 1987 photo 8de00cb3-4d0b-447d-9615-39d789505b9c.jpg
Joyce Sharp surveying the demolition of the "Big Hall" in 1987

Enfield St 1987 photo b35abb84-1a00-466a-930c-ea2312bf6c4f.jpg
Enfield Street School 1987

Many thanks to Joyce and Graham Sharp for the photos !
Much appreciated ! :)


downsie21 said...

What has happened to the large bronze plaque commemorating Rev Henry Enfield Dowson that hung on the wall in the entrance hall opposite the main staircase?
Is it still there or was it moved in 1987?

Tom said...

Hi Eric
As an old boy from Enfield Street I recall this plaque.. it was on the wall by the headmistresses office. I recalled having to stand there quietly when I'd been naughty.

I seem to recall being told that a Bronze Bust of the Rev. Enfield was given/sold to either Oxford or Cambridge University.. can't recall which one though now. I wonder if the plaque followed it.

Dave B said...

went to Enfield St. in the 60's. Remember old guys wandering in at regular intervals through the front entrance and heading straight to the cellar door (which was opposite the headmistress's office) where down below there was some sort of snooker club.
ha..remember once the caretaker had been doing some repair work in the school using a bit of a ' saucy' screwdriver. it was one of those blackpool type things with dolly birds in bikini's on the handle however when in use and turned upside down liquid in the handle would disappear and the bikini's peeled off! Of course as the law of averages goes he mislaid it one day and left it on the school stage. The kids soon found this and the crowd around grew and grew tipping the screwdriver first one way and then the other. The shrieking attracted Miss Hall the headmistress I think it was, who for the first time I had known her was speechless with embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

Mitchys Grandad was caretaker.

Dave B said...

You're right Anonymous in my early days at Enfield Mr. Mitchell was the caretaker and his wife was one of the dinner ladies I think. I'm sure the whole family lived directly opposite the school on Enfield St. The guy I'm remembering was his replacement a few years further down the line think his name was John Hardman, nice guy lived down near me on Apethorn...

Jeff Sherwin said...

During 1947 our family moved to Apethorn lane and I went to the school Mr horrocks was Head Master,I remember his leading us in the song "Forty years on when afar and asunder" this was often and the tune's with me yet.

Dave Barlow said...

Remember a family called the Sherwins who lived at 53 Apethorn,next door but one to us. Was only a little lad at the time but vaguely remember they had a daughter called Kathleen who was quite friendly with my mother, wasn't your family was it Jeff?

John Roberts said...

I have recently discovered your blog and am fascinated to see old places come back to my memory. I was born in Gee Cross in 1946 and lived there until 1958.
I went to Enfield Road primary from 1950 to 1957. i remember the head mistress was Miss woodward. Some children I remember were Jimmy Swindells, Malcolm Baker, Rosemary Garlic, and Judith Slater.
I remember appearing as King John in a school play entitled "King John and the abbot of Canterbury" (I was scared to death!).

Thank you for all these great memories.

John Roberts.