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Saturday, 23 March 2013

More Trams

Here are a couple of postcards showing the Trams at 
Hyde Market Place.

 photo 4871d76d-9586-4566-992e-1397df90511e.jpg

 photo f3f5986d-a281-4d8e-8081-18aeac9bc574.jpg


downsie21 said...

Happy memories at a more leisurely pace!

Trish said...

These are wonderful photos of the old trams, don't they look classy, I absolutely love them, (think I was born too late!) Thank you so much for sharing them.

Chris Han said...

When I'm in Blackpool or down Manchester, I always ride the trams, I think my love of trams comes from growing up down Brook Street which was very close to the Tram Depot on Mottram Road.
Although the trams had long since gone when I was a little kid back in the early 70's, I can still remember the tram building, and also seeing the tram lines which had been left in the road when it was undergoing re-tarmacing work.

But this photo gives me an opportunity to bring up a bit of a fascination of mine, the building behind the trams to the left, it must stand where Nat' West' & Boots stands now, it's always there in the background of old photos of Hyde Square, and it's always interested me. What is the history behind this building and is there more detailed photos of the building as it looks very handsome?

Bill Lancashire said...

Interesting to see that the Joint Board tram is open fronted, but the number 19 has an enclosed cabin for the driver. Much more civilised.

Does anyone know which company is operating the number 19 and where did that service run?

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. I rode the last trams in Hyde, the 210 from Hyde to Piccadilly. As slow as a wet week.

Susan Jaleel said...

I think the building Chris is referring to was the one which housed the District Bank, and yes it was very attractive.

Werneth Low said...

Barry in Oz, bit like the 210 trolley bus which replaced it then!

Leebro said...

Bill, I'm fairly sure that service No.19 was operated jointly by SHMD and Manchester Corporation,whose tram is in the picture and it went from Hyde Town Hall to Manchester Exchange Station, termination near to the old Cromwell statue.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Did the seat backs hinge so passengers could face forward as the trams were driven from either end?

Dorothy said...

Hi Chris just to say that the building where Natwest and Boots stand now, was definately the Old District Bank. I used to live there with my parents and my sister. My mum was the caretaker of the bank at the time. I lived there from the age of 12 till I was about 17 yrs old. It was a fantastic old building. I remember when Hindley and Bradey were taken to the courts behind the town hall,they were held up at the lights and I could see one of them in a car from our front room window. I also spent many an hour watching the trams going past our house and the gaurds jumping off to change over the power lines with a long pole, fascinating.