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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Enfield Street School

Today we have a class photo from Enfield Street School from 1947, along with the following message...

Attached is a photograph with names (where my 75 year memory allows) of the Enfield St Primary Class of 1947 for your collection. I am number 16.
Eddie Grist (mechanical engineer, PhD)"

 photo d19252f5-bd5a-4fa9-a223-65a97bb9ef63.jpg

 photo d751b667-d9da-442d-8ec8-4028354fa793.jpg

 photo b89105b7-5673-464b-9c3e-c0090e1a65e5.jpg

As always, if you are able to fill in the missing names, please let us know.

Many Thanks, Eddie.
Appreciated as always :)

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