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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Werneth Low and surrounding area.

Today we have a couple of photos that were sent in to us by Dave Hamilton.

Many Thanks, Dave :)

 photo dabe5c44-08cd-48cf-a51d-a25b65be2a13.jpg
Werneth Low 1990's

 photo 877ddf41-6757-477b-942b-660154e661a4.jpg
The Hare and Hounds 1990's
In the foreground you can see the brown roof of the Louvolite boxing club that stood behind Hyde Baths on Union Street, in the middle is the  James North Douglas Street Building seen from Nelson Street side and behind that to the right is the back of the main James North (Slack Mills) building as it would have appeared from Queen Street..

If anyone else has any photos they would like to share please send them to us at hydonian@gmail.com with a brief description, date and your name (if wanted).
Many thanks !!


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

never mind the background, what about the foreground? Is that James North's? - where were these taken from?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerald,
these were taken from Repton Avenue,in the wooded area on the bend near Godfrey Mill.

D. Hamilton

tigerboy said...

Great Photo's of the Low and Hare and Hound's

With North's in the foreground wonder what this view looks like now
I have previously posted on the blog about how I love the Low and these shot's just remind me of what a great place it is I alway's take a walk up when I am back

Hyde has changed a lot and there something special about the way the Low look's over the Town and it's changes a great place for reflection

Great site thank' so much for your efforts team Hydonian much appreciated