Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our Beautiful Town Hall Interior

The following selection of photographs were sent to us by Phil Shawdale. They were taken in 2007.

They show the inside of Hyde Town Hall and the mural painted by Harry Rutherford.
We are very lucky to have this beautiful building.

 photo a1fbaf13-585d-4d84-a26b-ea5c6b0e89eb.jpg

 photo PICT0076.jpg

 photo PICT0075.jpg

 photo 591e5aad-8e36-4b05-b76a-f82979bfc839.jpg

 photo 6ab47318-89fe-4e00-91cb-873faf255dc6.jpg

Many Thanks to Phil for sharing the photos ! :)


Hydonian said...

For the people asking why we didn't put their comments on - Quite simply, we haven't received any.
If you want, please try to post comments again.

Thank you.

B Williams said...

If ever you get the chance to have a tour round the Town Hall go for it. It has some great rooms with beautiful stained glass windows. The best person to take you round is Harry Lever an old Hydonian. He has fantastic knowledge about it.

Susan Jaleel said...

I love the town hall - inside and out, and have photographed much of the stained glass which surrounds the main staircase, which is indeed beautiful. I didn't know it was possible to be shown round the whole building though. Does anyone have details please?

B Williams said...

I went round three or four years ago when it was Heritage Day but they don't seemed to have included since. If you know a counsellor may be they could fix it for you.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. B Williams mentioned Harry Lever. I am amazed that no one from this site has contacted this wonderful old man to get him to post. He is a minefield of information on Hyde, someone needs to grab him before he passes on with all his memories.