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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Innocence !

Here is a lovely story and photo courtesy of Marjorie...

This is a photo which stood in the window of Taylor & Wain's studio on Hamnett St. 
It is a photo of me aged 5. I was watching the photographer preparing his camera and was unaware that he had taken it.  
My mother had a copy in black & white but this one was hand coloured by George Wain and put in the window. My mother asked for it but was refused. For years I stood at the Shaw Hall bus stop outside Woolworths, on the way home, looking at myself. When I went to the Grammar school Mr Wain was my art teacher and I mentioned the photo. He told me it was his favourite child study and the next day brought it in to school and gave it to me. 
Nice man, Mr Wain. We kept in touch until he died.

 photo 8994ddea-3b69-4cc6-813a-e80dab4f0101.jpg
Many Thanks, Marjorie...and what a great photograph.:) 
Mr Wain painted a beautiful picture of My Nan which still hangs proudly at my parents house.
 He was a very talented man indeed..

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the tufty club said...

What a lovely story Marjorie.