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Monday, 18 March 2013

Beames Advert

 photo george_st_02edit-1.jpg
A photo showing Beames when the shop stood on George Street.This was before the motorway cut through Hyde and George Street disappeared.

 photo cc5ef2a3-d87f-48dd-8e73-29d78b680b54.jpg

Thanks to Nick C. for use of the photo. :) 
Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Didn't they also have a timber warehouse on the opposite side of the road, where they would cut timber to size for the customer ?.

D. Hamilton.

jay johnson said...

Hello..my husband Brian has been looking at the photo of george st, next to Alfred Beames was Sam thomas's chip shop. Acoording to Brian it was the best chippie ever. Didn't cook chippie every day, each day was different, and they made their own steak puddings. The hairdresser Irene Cotton started off on george st.

Kevin said...

Hi Jay- I agree with your husband about Sammy's chippie.Did he have meals in the cafe at the back of the shop? I have happy memories of eating my lunches there whilst working at a nearby shop during school holidays. The large old black-leaded range with glowing fire, usually with a large home-made potato pie in the oven, and apple pie and custard- delicious- all cooked and served up by Sammy's hard working wife!