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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Memories of a bygone era.

The following memories were sent to us by Jacqueline Ridgway

"My Husband Colin and I were born in Hyde just before world war 2. We lived in Newton for many years before we moved to Gee Cross when we married and then later moved to Lichfield. My Great Grandfather was Amos Winterbotham who was the Mayor of Hyde in 1931 when the famous Ox-roasting took place you can see the photo of that in the History of Hyde book by Thos. Middleton he was with Lord Derby. Amos had a Tripe dressing business in Hyde with one of the Green cabins on Hyde Market and as a young girl I used to go and help out My grandmother Margaret selling tripe. We look at the Hyde Blog everyday and we remember the Unity Inn having a drink there after the pictures. My Grandfather Albert Holt had a butchers shop on market street and his brother Fred was also involved see the book of Hyde by Barbara Sole. My Husband’s Uncle Sam Ridgway was a good bowler and won many trophies for his bowling he was known by many in Hyde also for playing the concertina."

The Ox-roast in 1931

Many Thanks for sharing with us, Jacqueline. 

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Unknown said...

I have a very similar photo to this in our family archive. My mother identifies the Mayor in the photo as Thomas Middleton, the Lady Mayoress as Hannah Middleton and the young girl as Dorothy Middleton