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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hyde "Old" Supermarket

Below is an advert for the old supermarket on Clarendon Street showing  the range of goods and services that were available circa 1976.


When I was young I used to love going in there with my Mum and Nan on a Saturday afternoon and  buying chocolate biscuits which were all sold loose by the pound . As I got older I liked to peruse Hubbles record shop on the first floor. My Mum used to spend a lot of time on the haberdashery stall at the top of the stairs which always left me free to roam the entire shop floor with my sister. I never went in the Bingo area though - that was out of bounds.
Happy days !!

 photo cc4a344c-47ed-48f4-93a9-2e86aad8b3b0.jpg

 photo aeb4f5ca-c163-46d0-93af-9e47f918f6b2.jpg

 photo hydecentre.jpg

An aerial photo showing the old supermarket ( just above the middle of the shot)

Thanks to John Hopwood for the photo :)


B Williams said...

How I enjoyed reading this post. I had forgotten all about the stalls that were in there but I had a lovely time reading through the list and going round them all in my mind's eye.

Lynn Hallas said...

I love reading your blog every day and this post of Hyde Supermarket has brought back some happy memories for me once again! My Mum used to work on Lowe´s stall there and I remember when me and my Dad used to go and pick her up when she finished work. She had a lot of friends working in there.

Hydonian said...

@ Lynn
We bought our house off Reg's wife. They owned a few in Hyde at the time :)