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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Low Top Farm Information needed.

 The following email was sent to us by Geoff &  Merrilyn Reeves from Queensland, Australia. ....

"In the course of Examining out family history, we often came across the Area known as  Werneth Low and my wife remembers her grandmother speaking fondly of it as she was growing up in Tasmania.
On my wife’s side of the family, it is well established that her grandmother Ethel Maud Widdowson and Joshua Hadfield moved from Hyde to Launceston Tasmania Australia
Phyllis Hadfield (her mother) came with them as a 3 year old, about 1912

Merrilyn’s  grand father Joshua Hadfield married Ethel Maud Widdowson in August 4th 1907 the Ceremony that took place at St Pauls Church Werneth.
We tried to find the church back when we visited in 2000 but failed, so adjourned to the magnificent old pub at the top of the hill with the great view and gave up.!

The question we have is:  the address provided on the marriage certificate where they lived is Low Top Farm Werneth
We do not know why but we think this farm property, if that is what it is,  was owned by a Thomas Widdowson, who may be Ethel Maud’s Father
Can any one assist in providing information about either the Farm or the two family’s
Much appreciated for any assistance".

  photo a100c3ad-c19c-433b-a58f-3b18c410ce25.jpg
Map showing Low Top Farm 1875

 photo 31a9b6a7-359d-48c2-971e-c4cf66681b99.jpg
Map from 1910

 photo 9d5c5f8f-9515-4f9a-9c22-34db960d3285.jpg
Aerial view of Low Top Farm circa 1970's

 photo 76800e72-9bb5-4c4d-aaf5-501dd4737b0a.jpg 
Modern map showing Low Top Farm

 photo 657f377e-68fb-4fc5-a1cc-3e4791749499.jpg
Map showing the site of St Pauls Gee Cross 1870's

St Pauls became Holy Trinity Church after part of the township of Werneth was transferred to the district of Gee Cross. Is this the church you mean ? See links below for more information.

St Pauls Werneth  Holy Trinity Gee Cross

Many Thanks, Geoff and Merrilyn. I hope we can find out a little more information  for you through the blog :)


Tony Amermumboe said...

The Widdowson/Hadfield marriage took place at St.Pauls church, Compstall in 1907. It was the mother church of Holy Trinity, Gee Cross for a number of years.

Historian said...

Details of the wedding wil be available from the Chester Diocesan Record Office.

Werneth Low said...

There is a photo of Low End Farm, taken 1904, in Paul's book of Hyde photos, page 72.

I've checked on Ancestry for the Widdowson/Hadfield wedding in 1907 and it did take place at St Paul's, Compstall. This would have been by choice, I imagine, as the ecclesiastical parish of Gee Cross (Holy Trinity) was well established by that date. The 1891 census shows a Widdowson family with identification matches living at what looks like 6 Osborn Road but the writing is indistinct, so that address may be an error. The family is large, comprising: Thomas, head of household, aged 47,an iron turner, his wife Mary aged 48, and Walter (23), Frank (21), Sarah Ann (18), Jane Alice (15), Joseph (13), Stanley (11), Mabel (8) and Ethel Maud (5). The 1901 census shows the family as living at 4 Brighton Grove, but less in number. The mother, Mary, is missing so one presumes she has died, and there is an additional child, Annie, aged 9. The 1911 census shows Joshua (Jos), Ethel and Phillisan aged 1, living at 18 Field Street, Newton. Where End Fold comes into it I've no idea.

Gillian M said...

Clarification re the wedding of Ethel Maud Widdowson and Joshua Hadfield, Cheshire BMD shows marriage in 1907 at Werneth St. Paul (Ref ST77/3/320) which later became Holy Trinity on Higham Lane, Gee Cross.

Tony A said...

Gilliam M, You are incorrect. Holy Trinity was by that name long before 1907. Compstall St Pauls serving Werneth was the mother church of Holy Trinity for a number of year in the nineteenth century up to circa 1880. The vicar use to walk over and conduct services at Holy Trinity. But when the present church was built it was given its own vicar. The wedding of Widdowson and Hadfield took place at St.Pauls Compsall and not at Holy Trinity, Gee Cross.

Tony A said...

Just to round off my Widdowson information, Mary Widdowson died in 1896 age 52.

Gillian M said...

Thanks, Tony, I have learned something new.

Nicky said...

I used to keep my horses on Low Top Farm back in the 90's when Sheila and Terry Cromptom lived there, they sold it on around 1998.