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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

June 3rd 1953 Street Party

Here is a great photo and description from Trish...
The children look like they are having a lot of fun !!

 I have come across this photo,and dad had written on the back "June 3rd 1953 Street Party" Although the party was not actually held in the street, but at the Union Street Church schoolroom. I can actually remember this photo being taken, I am on the 2nd row, 2nd from the left Patricia Garbett with my friend Jennifer Booth (Booths Taxi's) Jenny is looking round at the big lads stood at the back, she did have two older brothers John & Geoffrey though not sure they are there! My younger brother John is just in front of me. The streets included in the party were Brooks Ave, Coronation Ave, Auburn Ave & King George Rd Hyde (where Jenny & I lived).

 photo c379dfb1-0ee7-4dc2-bb63-82614040e648.jpg

 photo StreetpartyCoronation.jpg
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 List of people I can remember on photo:- Back row lads standing, I can only recall Richard Green on the right. 3rd row from left:-   ?,  ?, Rhona,  Michael Green ( it helps that hes dressed just like his brother!) ?,  Philip,  Brian Swann, Michael Barber, ?,  ?, 2nd row:- Jenny Booth, me, Patricia Garbett ?,  ?,  Stuart Bowers, Granville Bradbury( Granville lived next door to us on King George Rd and let us have his old Beano & Dandy comics) lady unknown, Janet & Ian Carter. Front row:- my brother John Garbett, Jill Barber, can't remember the rest at the moment!

Many thanks, Trish !! :)

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Ian Taylor said...

My wife nee Susan Ashley and her brothers Brian and Phillip are shown.Susan is centre front row with big hair bow, on her left is Eileen Spencer and they lived on King George road. The Ashleys moved to Newton in 1956.