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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Newton Lodge

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Hyde Park, which opened in 1904, was originally the grounds of Newton Lodge, home of Col. CJ Ashton who paid to build St Stephen's Church, Bennett Street. It was given to the town by his daughters, following his death.

The lodge was demolished in 1937. Two years later it was replaced by Bayley Hall which was funded by Sir John Bayley.

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Thanks to Tameside.gov for the information


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the lake huge !

Marjorie said...

What replaced the lake? Was it the paddling pool, or the bandstand?

Anonymous said...

I've been living in Canada for many years but grew up in Wallasey. Hetty and Bruce Armitage were my great aunt and uncle. I remember when Uncle Bruce became Mayor of Hyde and attended his investiture with my mother. I also remember that they had a carpet shop. My mother lost her mother when she was just 14 months old and she was brought up for the first few years by Hettie and Bruce. Barbara and Celia were her cousins. Barbara did indeed emigrate to Canada and remained in Toronto but unfortunately I lost touch with her. She worked for Hansard.
Celia did spend some time here but returned to England and lived in the Chester area, sadly I lost touch with her too. I have very fond but distant memories of Uncle Bruce (he was very tall) and Auntie Hettie and I always will remember the beautiful box of blue stationery she bought for me one Christmas, it had Forget-me nots around the paper and on the back of the envelopes.