Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
May 2015
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Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Irish Rising of 1841

 The following article can be found in the 
Annals of Hyde and District 
by Thomas Middleton

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Captain Hyde John Clarke RN JP
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Anonymous said...

Was the Irish quarter where the bus station is now? Donnybrook and Charles Street areas?

Anonymous said...

I think that it became the Irish quarter at some point. The original Irish quarter was around Hamnett street, I believe, as there used to be Catholic services held at what is now Santander Bank.

Susan Jaleel said...

I remember Hyde Irish Club. Was it on Ridling Lane?

Bill Lancashire said...

Susan Jaleel said...
I remember Hyde Irish Club. Was it on Ridling Lane?

And I seem to recall that it was popularly known as 'The knife and pistol'

Anyone know why?

Lesley Snape said...

The Irish Club was on Ridling Lane. They had regular Free & Easy nights and artists on a Saturday.
Lesley Snape