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Sunday, 21 April 2013

James "Jimmy Richie" Richardson

We recently received this message and photos from Bill Lancashire.

Over to Bill ..........
"A friend of mine from Romiley, Jean Murray, has asked me to let you have these two pictures of her dad, James Albert Richardson.

He is probably better known to lots of older Hydonians as 'Jimmy Richie', who was a star player for Hyde United in the late forties and fifties before he went on to captain Macclesfield.

Jimmy is the second from right on the back row of the St George's Class 1 in 1931 and is also the young lad with the bow and arrow on the left of the middle row on the pageant picture.  We have no idea where the pageant was, probably in the school yard judging by the stone wall in the background, or what it was commemorating.  Could it be St George's Day?  Maybe someone who was there could tell us and maybe identify some of Jimmy's classmates."

Many thanks to Jean Murray and Bill for sharing these great photos with us


James Richardson Macclesfield Town FC


1950-51 to  1954-55  




League 158 Apps 12 Goals   Cups 35 Apps 4 Goals

Debut 4 November 1950  -  Runcorn (Away)

Moved from Hyde United and was soon appointed captain. He was the linchpin of the  Freer-Richardson-Shepherd half-back (centre-back) line and the team's penalty taker. Featured regularly  throughout his time at the Moss Rose, gaining a Cheshire Senior Cup winners' medal in 1952 and 1954 and was an important member of the team which were Cheshire League champions in 1952.


Marjorie said...

The royal standard is that of Henry Vth. Could they have been portraying the battle of Agincourt, with James representing one of the archers?

bill Lancashire said...

You know, it's amazing. Jean asked me to send in the photographs, which I did and didn't take a lot of notice of them. It was only later, when I studied the class picture more thoroughly, that I realised than my mum was also in the class. She is the girl with the wide smile (and the funny haircut) fourth from the left on the second from front row.