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Monday, 1 April 2013

Westwood Farm part 1.

The following information post was sent to us by David Hamilton.
Much of it I was unaware of so a special thank you from me :)

Over to David....

I have been reading with interest the post by Rodger V Chadwick (22-3-2013), and the post about Tommy Sowter (27-3-2013), with the references to the V1 explosion at Westwood Farm, and the German bomber coming down near St Mary's.
The V1 was a winged pilotless aircraft carrying a warhead,powered by a pulse jet engine. This weapon was normally launched from a ramp by catapult, but the 31  V1's that landed in the North of England , aimed at Manchester early on Christmas eve 1944 were air launched over the north sea to give extra range.

The article about Westwood Farm, and the map of V1 impacts, are taken from the book "Flying Bombs Over The Pennines" (1988) by Peter J.C. Smith.
The pictures of Westwood Farm before and after, appear both in this publication and also "Air Launched Doodlebugs, The Forgotten Campaign"(2006) by the same author.

 photo 84c77fe0-4b74-440f-8603-8a292e3b0249.jpg
Westwood Farm Before

 photo d54ac58f-9e60-4fd7-8db8-9a9cdb65f054.jpg
Westwood Farm After.

 I have also included a photo that I took a few years ago of the V1 crater on Midhope Moor.  This weapon was part of the same attack, and fell short of the target area.

  photo 4c541262-e21a-4672-966f-18aac7ed0ecc.jpg

The crater, numbered 24 on the map, is 15 metres in diameter
The Westwood Farm V1 is numbered 6 on the map.

  photo 35211b08-8eec-4643-bd21-675a26657286.jpg

My grandparents lived on St Mary's Road, and I can remember them telling me about a German plane coming down in fields behind the church. The area was quite accessible and so the wreckage would have been easy to clear.  This, and the fact that intelligence officers would go over every inch of an enemy aircraft, meant that the clear up would have been thorough. I think that the area has been built over now.
If the aircraft was attacked by a Hurricane, it would most likely have been from Cranage (Byley).

I hope that some of this is of interest to you.

Thanks so much , David.
Great post indeed !


Werneth Low said...

This is amazing - thank you for posting it. Hope there's more .....

Tom said...

Thank you David
Very interesting read...

Dave Williams said...

There's some interesting information about that incident here as well.

Hydonian said...

Thanks Ddave. An interesting addition to the story :)

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Wow, poor bloke. Not only was his Mother in Law and Son killed in the explosion, in his later years he was a victim of Dr Harold Shipman How much bad luck can one man have ? Also interesting was the fact that across the road was the site where the home of Brady & Hindley lived. 6 degrees of separation here somewhere.

Susan Jaleel said...

I'm sorry, but I don't think Shipman, Brady or Hindley have any relevance to this post and I understood that, at its inception, the owners of this blog had decided not to encourage discussion about this side of Hyde's past. Please can we keep it like that in order to cause no upset to those who were directly involved.