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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Arranging a Class Reunion ?

Below is an appeal from Marlese Savage (Klein) who wonders whether a school classmates reunion is possible.....

"We left school 50 years ago in 1963 which should be enough reason to meet up again.   Is there anyone out there who could try to arrange a meeting from our class?

  photo 2ad40067-8abd-4222-88a9-f7b9be3bfdf9.jpg 

 My name is Marlese Savage (Klein) I went to Flowery Field Secondary School in Hyde from 1959 to 1963.   I've Lived in Germany since 1968 and my only contact to our class was Lesley Turner (Morton) who died over 10 years ago and John Howarth who lives in the USA.
I enclose a photograph of our class taken just before Christmas 1962.  I am the one with the cross on.I will be in Hyde from 14-18 th April, incase any one is interested please contact me by my Email address 
w-klein2@unitybox.de  we could meet and arrange something for the late summer."

Marlese Savage (Klein)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Marlise, Barry Lewis, class of 57-61 here, living on tother side o't world. You may find someone by posting on 'Friendsreunited' in the Floweryfield secondary thread, or putting an Add in the Tameside Advertiser. I haven't recognised too many ex FF folks of our era here. Our old school has been demolished and a new school built on the old playing/sports fields. Good luck.

Dave Williams said...

The link here doesn't seem to take you into anything meaningful. If you wish to contact Marlese try leaving out the 'www.' when you email (ie type in 'w-klein2@unitybox.de').

Hydonian said...

thanks Dave :) Bit of a malfunction there !