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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Buses and Trams Galore !!

Below is a selection of bus and Tram photos and postcards sent to us by Susan Jaleel.
Underneath are the descriptions !!

 photo b7310d4a-07f3-4b61-9f94-1e0823578d77.jpg

The No.4 on its return to Hyde from Mossley.  It's just crossing Bennett Street bridge, where Flowery Field Station is now.

  photo 675e7b97-d0de-484c-a9d1-5fd085199e9a.jpg

The No.15 bus [SHMD] leaving Hamnett Street for Shaw Hall via Victoria Street.  How lovely to get just a little peep of the late, lamented UCP on the left hand corner of the street.

 photo 43ef56a4-6c55-4a04-91b2-476663a1de14.jpg

The No.19 tram stopped at the market.  There was some query about who ran the 19 recently on the Blog, but it isnt easy to pick out the livery on a black and white photo!  Also on the same posting, someone asked about the attractive building which stood where Natwest/Boots is now.  It was the District Bank and on this shot of the tram it's possible to see a bit more of that building.

 photo 92f5572b-1755-4e08-b8ee-093d240dd828.jpg

Tram climbing the Gerrards towards the Grapes.  Someone has written on the reverse of the postcard "Stockport car in SHMD territory [Hyde]", whatever that means!

  photo fa2a0112-70b2-421f-bbf3-d8133f4c0b1e.jpg

 Tram at the bottom of the Gerrards.  Just see how clearly the chapel spire can be seen without the trees of today.

  photo 41b7a111-eb4b-41b9-9c30-27ae756ecb48.jpg

These trams waiting at the market are from a "scenes of yesteryear" modern card, entitled "Memories of Stockport".  The date is given as 1938, and the caption is Trams wait to leave for Manchester, Edgeley and Gee Cross.  The Norfolk Arms is clear to see in the left background and, of course, the roof of the Midland Bank.

Many, many thanks, Susan.
You are doing a sterling job supplying us with great photographs and information !


Trish said...

I love these photos Susan,good description given too, well done you! Nice to see the No 15 bus going past the good old UCP restaurant. But I think my favourite photo is the one taken in 1938 of the three trams together,it's brilliant.

Marjorie said...

Memories of the many times I wited in Hamnett St to catch the Shaw Hall bus home. Lovely to see this photo.

Gillian M said...

What a superb collection Susan. I wonder how many other readers went to school by SHMD tram as I did (Grapes to Travellers Call). There was a passing loop right outside our kitchen on Stockport Road and all the pots rattled everytime a tram went by. The Stockport car on SHMD route was red and went to Edgeley via Mersey Square. They continued on a year or two longer than the SHMD, till 1946 or 7 I think.
Gillian M

Susan Jaleel said...

Don't know about pots rattling, Gillian, but I'd imagine that one of those double-decker trams passing would have shaken the foundations!

It's a strange thing, and rather frustrating too, but I have no recollection at all of trams running in Hyde. They must have done during my early life (I was born in '45), and when we lived in Kensington Street they would have stopped just at the end which was where folk would have got off for the cemetery. What I do remember is the starting of the 210 trolley bus service from GX to Piccadilly, and what a novelty it was to be able to have a "door to door service" to Lewis's, Paulden's and Affleck & Brown - posh shops which were all within easy reach of the terminus. Downside was if, like me, you didn't travel well by road. With the bus stopping at every lamp post, I usually managed to get to Crown Point before being sick! Happy days.

Maxonian said...

The car showing 19 Hyde is a Manchester "Pilcher" car. The tram route to Hyde operated until 1948 but SHMD trams had gone by then.

The 1938 view is by W A Camwell and shows a Manchester, SHMD, and Stockport Corporation cars, all of whom operated in Hyde.