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Monday, 15 April 2013

Hyde Grammar School 1973

The following was sent to us by Derek Chappell who taught at Hyde Grammar School.
Over to Derek....

"I was searching through some old photos and came across the enclosed photos of the old Form 1x in 1973!

I hope they will bring back some happy memories to some of the boys in the photos."

 photo d2672052-49ef-480e-a7cb-4bc8883f92fa.jpg
 Derek Chappell as moustache !

 photo 674e1db3-61c7-4f89-9970-90d912ea9a87.jpg

 photo 6449d72d-3c22-4ad8-a53c-10e65aba1ae7.jpg
Hard at work
 photo e4716839-18c1-4f00-a464-740089d070b9.jpg

 photo e8d76cc2-ca5c-458d-93a1-ddeb0a9e5218.jpg
(with Andrew and Mark)

Many thanks for sharing, Derek !
Much appreciated. :)


tigerboy said...

What a nice follow on from my previous post sometime ago class of 73

This post has brought some happy memories flooding back the smell of the classroom the glazed green tiles that seemed to be everywhere in the interior of the grammar if you look in the photo's of us in class the pile of brief cases at the back it was a right free for all for these at the end of the day

Many thanks for this post Mr Chappell

Mark Browne the schoolboy to the left of you and the one staring at the camera in the hard at work shot

Unknown said...

I left Hyde in 1960 to travel to Australia. I studied at Hyde Grammar School after gaining the eleven plus. I enjoyed my time at Hyde Grammar