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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hattersley Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Hattersley Monkey Puzzle tree was planted in 1968 by Barry Tongue in the back garden of his house on Garnett Road. The house along with others in the area were demolished as part of the Hattersley redevelopment plan. By then the tree had become a local landmark and a preservation order was placed on it in 2007. 
Other Roads demolished to make way for a Tesco Superstore were were Garnett Close, Garnett Way, Vannes Grove, Hayward Way and Moreton Way.

 photo 2f6bc0dc-e70b-476d-a160-14ad72f31b6f.jpg

The Tree before it was moved to its present location on Ashworth Lane.
Mottram Church, or St Michael & All Angels to give it its proper name, can be seen in the background.

 photo 51390713-3d7c-435d-987a-14dbccce45e7.jpg
As seen from Ashworth Lane before the move. McDonalds can be seen in the distance.

 photo 0640ded7-467a-43c5-b9f2-e4993f80f334.jpg
Aeriel view of the Monkey Puzzle Tree, near bottom middle, after the houses were demolished to make way for the Tesco store.

 photo bec6a2c2-b7dd-4d42-a68d-77ef79e616fd.jpg
Map of where the monkey puzzle tree stood before Tesco was built.

In 2010, after planning permission was granted for the superstore to be built on the site, the tree was moved around the corner to the other side of Ashworth Lane.

New Home for Tree 

Thanks to Gerald England! :)


Susan Jaleel said...

What a beautiful tree that is. How on earth did anyone manage to move it without damaging anything? Amazing.

david said...

a preservation order is a preservation order
this tree should have never been moved
they should have moved Tesco somewhere else
sorry to say i think i think the tree is dieing now
it is starting to go brown and dead branches from the bottom of hit trunk

Gerald (SK14) said...

Lovely to see the aerial shots showing the layout after the houses demolition. My photos of the move can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra - the Geograph link is temporally down but will be doubtless back up soon.

Hydonian said...

Thanks Gerald.
I must try to get over there for some up to date shots myself !