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Monday, 29 April 2013

Temperance Seven and the White Hart

Here are some more photos taken by Tony Downend's Father.

Over to Tony....

"This time it's one of Newton's own, I discovering this local fact much later.
A young Cephos Howard of Temperance Seven fame and son of the landlord of the once White Hart Pub on Old Road.  
Also, there are a few pics, indeed a study,  a good insight into just how much things and we have changed is gained by simply looking at the faces of the early 1950's, our grandparents, our heritage and how we once were.  

God Bless them All".
 photo 959ca9e6-ccf1-4828-8aa5-8e1872387b79.jpg
 Cephos Howard

 photo 1938f3d1-5977-4d68-89a5-8ea7f60dc820.jpg

 Cephos Howard Jnr

 photo 503ec29d-0a9d-4689-8b28-9ab347f4fdb1.jpg

The Howard Family

 photo f860bf1f-de84-4631-ab9d-55bb9de09f97.jpg

Harry Smith and his Wife

 The following are unknown locals of the White Hart on Old Road

 photo 6eb4c6f3-b613-4b88-93eb-7b785c879193.jpg

 Off to powder his nose :)

 photo 9ae8b0b5-03a5-4a3e-bde0-6521f65acb13.jpg
Mr and Mrs John Travis
 photo 08680964-e838-4394-8ceb-d7c5fd87e6a0.jpg

 photo 3392e290-dd18-4ac1-99f5-ad6429f8e59d.jpg

Many thanks again,Tony.
Wonderful photos. very evocative of the age. :)


Jeff Sherwin said...

Looks a lot like Coronation Street. Wonderful History.

John Taylor said...

Nice ones Wilber :-)

Susan Jaleel said...

These photos are amazing. I remember Cephas Howard being landlord of The Werneth, and his son's connection with The Temperance Seven, of which i was a big fan in the early 60s. I'm presuming that they came to Gee Cross from The White Hart then.

What strikes me most about the folk in the photos is how people sat in the pub wearing hats and coats. It reminds you that there was a time before central heating!

Marjorie said...

I remember Cephas from the Grammar School. A talented artist. He was born in Romiley.

Tom said...

Fantastic pictures...

Brian Hodkinson said...

I was at school with Cephas, Flowery Field Jr. and Hyde Grammar. We've been retired here in Spain 9 years now, but in 2005 met up with Cephas on the Isle of Wight, had a liquid lunch with him, talked about old times, missed our ferry booking! Same old Cephas; larger than life. Regards Brian.

Anonymous said...

hi there just browsing through some old pictures of hyde when i came across a picture of my nan and grandad in the White Hart pub on Old Road they were William and Sarah Arrowsmith who lived round the corner in Bryce St no 5 You can imagine my surprise when i saw the photo of them together as ive got a copy of the same photo at home as a reminder of them both
My Name is Paul Thwaites and i spent many of my formative years in the flowery field area and went to the school just over the wall I Left the area in nov 74 when i joined the R.A.F.But went back when given the chance .Thelandlady at this time was a Mrs Clara Hadfield and her daughter Karen who was in the same year as me at the secondary school.
I now live here in Perth Western Australia and the last time i got home the white hart was a condemmed building awaiting demolition was heartbroken as i always wanted to have one more pint in the pub
If there is any one who may remember me at school between 1971/1974 please feel free to drop me a line at thwaitespaul@yahoo.com.au. Many thanks for the pleasent surprise

Cephas said...

I have seen this photos recently when I visited my dad in France. He is the young Cephas Howard and I am Cephas Alexander ( No.6?)