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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

St Mary's Rose Queen.

The following was sent in by David Hamilton.
Over to David....

"Here are some photos of St. Mary's Rose Queen 1961/62, when I was Crown Bearer.
The Rose Queen that year was Joan Keighley, daughter of Councillor John Keighley,
who lived next to my Grandparents on St. Mary's Road. John Keighley was also at
some point, Mayor of Hyde

Joan emigrated to South Africa, and passed away some years ago. I can't name any
of the others, I wonder if any of your readers can ?.
At the end of the year I was presented with a copy of the New Testament by the
vicar, E. Billington."

 photo 79275a4b-83e4-485b-b6d8-1c520b44b92a.jpg
Incoming and outgoing Rose Queen

  photo 59d2ec6a-3444-41d3-ad1e-fea7be93c0dc.jpg
Incoming and retiring Rose Queen in church

 photo fdc163e4-1c1f-4bb0-9050-4d822e3a838f.jpg 
Me in church with New Testament

  photo 9476eb53-d9d0-402a-beed-48502b79bbf6.jpg
Me in church with one of the Attendants

 photo b156cd7d-0e7a-4f99-ba30-1e24e1e93314.jpg
New Testament. 

 photo 42c12e72-edcb-47d0-be9a-4c5d6c338264.jpg 
New Testament presented by E. Billington

  photo ba85d909-10db-4550-ad13-ab9fb2ec77f1.jpg
Rose Queen 1 - Serious work !

 photo e800f981-51d6-4c80-918e-5f3077bf5417.jpg 
Rose Queen 2

Many Thanks David.
Excellent, as usual :)  


Marjorie said...

Lovely pictures. Do they still have Rose Queens? I remember Mr Billington well as he was the vicar who officiated at my wedding. He gave some extremely erudite sermons. Before him was Mr Esther, a really nice man.

Susan Jaleel said...

On the first photo I think the attendant 2nd from the left is Rosemary Ogden, and again on the last photo, i think the 2 attendants standing nearest the queen are Rosemary Ogden and Johanna Knowles. These girls lived next door to each other on St Mary's Road. I remember Joan Keighley very well. I was always curious as to why her surname was pronounced Keeley and not Keethley as in the town! I also remember Mr Billington, the vicar, and think he must have left St Mary's in the mid-60s.

Richard from Newton said...

What was the name of the retiring rose queen, was it by any chance Barbara Ridgway?

Colin Ridgway said...

from Colin Ridgway, Yes it was Barbara Ridgway she was the retiring rose queen in the two photos, Barbara now lives near Edinburgh

Geoff said...

We use to get on the same bus going from Old Road to watch football, I wondered what had become of Barbara. If you are intouch tell her I remember her, she was a nice girl. I think she married Roy Atkinson.

susan smith said...

I was one of the ate dents to Joan keighley my name was Susan Kilmartin I lived on Talbot road.