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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Woodend Lane - Past and Present

Below are various postcards of Woodend Lane in Hyde.
It must have been considered a local beauty spot judging by the amount of photographs and postcards that are around.

 photo 69a9dc94-5bf2-4802-a672-3568355753fa.jpg

  photo e2ccc684-a144-4e93-9428-ea64526e7fd8.jpg

 photo 79721b0a-8c07-4cd8-85a2-ba53268795fc.jpg

 photo f41a267b-65ac-4dfc-8d03-d7138e5cb955.jpg

 photo 3a2d68b6-cefb-401a-a50b-b1239a5078b5.jpg
Present day photo
It's nice to see the original wall still remains. It now belongs to Charnley House residential home which is the oldest residential home in Hyde.

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Anonymous said...

Except for the obvious, ie the cottages being demolished, It's hardly changed at all ! A bit more overgrown maybe.