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Monday, 22 April 2013

Bennett Street Memories

We recently received these charming pictures from David Hamilton showing himself and his brother outside the house they lived in in Newton. What a pair of cheeky chappies !

Over to David.....

"We lived at 138 Bennett Street, I've enclosed some photos of myself and my younger brother taken there in the mid 60's.

It is on the corner of Bredbury Street, it was only 25 metres from our gate to the school gate at Flowery Field !

I found a photo of the same location, taken in 2012, on Daniel Demain's Flickr site".

  photo 2554f413-3048-4f3c-8231-07dab84ce9d1.jpg

 photo 55c5ea1e-c12d-4e29-8de4-771ffea1177b.jpg

 photo 241201d6-1623-4063-9be6-05455c2d5c65.jpg

 photo 41f62df7-e8a3-413c-8b8b-b91082af2b74.jpg

In the same row as 75 Bennett Street, about half way along, I remember there used to be a sweet shop, and at the far end, next to the railway bridge, was a hardware shop called Braddocks, if I remember rightly.
I've just been looking on Google maps. and it's still there. It doesn't look to have changed in the last 40 plus years !

 photo 26a40f5c-da64-417a-95ae-751506c4dcbc.jpg
Braddocks today
 photo 348548de-a4a7-42cf-b68a-de1eda074881.jpg

It still has the pink paraffin stickers in the window !

Many thanks to David for sharing and also to Daniel Demain for his Flickr photo. :)


Susan Jaleel said...

I'm totally fascinated by the canopy over the front door on the first photo. It looks enormous and very heavy. I wonder if there were others like it in the street.

Lovely photo of the little boys - thanks David.

Hydonian said...

These photos brought back some great memories for me as my Nan lived at 75 Bennett Street for many years ( I was actually born there too). The sweet shop in the middle of the row just down from number 75 Bennett Street was a haven for us. The chewing gum machine on the wall outside used to give a free packet every 4 goes so me and my sister and brother always ran down to the machine in trepidation - wondering who was going to win the golden prize :)!

Anonymous said...

I think that Eleanor Wilde still had the sweet shop, it was once a general grocer that Eleanor took over from her father.
Dave Davies

Norm said...

I think the family who originally lived in your house were called O'Reagan