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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Greenfield Secondary School 1953

 The following was sent to us by Colin Ridgway.

 photo 17be2e22-7cf0-4180-bbc8-c4538913160b.jpg

As the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  approaches I thought it most appropriate to look up a school photograph taken in the Spring of 1953 of Form 4R at Greenfield Street Secondary Modern School.
As I recall, all the Hyde schools had class photographs taken to commemorate the Coronation.
The country was still recovering from World War II and the Coronation was to be a big event, to be held as a great morale booster for all. So, perhaps the enclosed photo may serve as a reminder of this momentous event.
I have appended a list name of the pupils on the photo; however, after 60 years I cannot recall everyones name !
Hopefully many thereon are "still around" and can remember this happy time in our lives.

 photo a6c47898-d2de-4fe9-9ca7-dba992e75979.jpg

Back Row
Jack Fitton, ?, Clarence Hulme, Peter Ridgway (no relation!) Keith Brookes

Middle Row
John Shaw, ?,  Michael Lees, Me (Colin Ridgway) , John Saville, Melvin Jones, ?, Tony Hunt, Teacher ?

Front Row
John Bateman, George Swindells, Keith Rider, Ian Stone, Jimmy Foden, Joe Wilde, ?

Neville Hulme, George Robinson.

Many thanks for your time and trouble, Colin.
Much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

Clarence Hulme is still alive and well and is a devout jehovahs witness, his brother Trevor lives somewhere in Hyde. Joe Wilde married and went with his wife and her family to Oz, he was still alive and well when I last heard. Peter, you never did answer the questions asked about your cousin, Barbara.

Ian Wright (McLeod) said...

Memories came flooding back when I saw this blog. Colin may remember me my name was Ian Wright. I was the one who had to clean the piano because I was always playing it. I also was goalkeeper for football team. I used to knock about with John Saville rip and George Robinson. Had some great times. Lost all photos in house fire.u

Michael Lees said...

Memories, memories.
Just to add a couple of names to the photograph, if I'm not mistaken.
Middle row second from left is Carl Boucher, he is stood on my right.
Front row, extreme right hand side is Phillip Cooke.
For the life of me I cannot remember the teachers name!