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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Greenfield Secondary School 1953

 The following was sent to us by Colin Ridgway.

 photo 17be2e22-7cf0-4180-bbc8-c4538913160b.jpg

As the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  approaches I thought it most appropriate to look up a school photograph taken in the Spring of 1953 of Form 4R at Greenfield Street Secondary Modern School.
As I recall, all the Hyde schools had class photographs taken to commemorate the Coronation.
The country was still recovering from World War II and the Coronation was to be a big event, to be held as a great morale booster for all. So, perhaps the enclosed photo may serve as a reminder of this momentous event.
I have appended a list name of the pupils on the photo; however, after 60 years I cannot recall everyones name !
Hopefully many thereon are "still around" and can remember this happy time in our lives.

 photo a6c47898-d2de-4fe9-9ca7-dba992e75979.jpg

Back Row
Jack Fitton, ?, Clarence Hulme, Peter Ridgway (no relation!) Keith Brookes

Middle Row
John Shaw, ?,  Michael Lees, Me (Colin Ridgway) , John Saville, Melvin Jones, ?, Tony Hunt, Teacher ?

Front Row
John Bateman, George Swindells, Keith Rider, Ian Stone, Jimmy Foden, Joe Wilde, ?

Neville Hulme, George Robinson.

Many thanks for your time and trouble, Colin.
Much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

Clarence Hulme is still alive and well and is a devout jehovahs witness, his brother Trevor lives somewhere in Hyde. Joe Wilde married and went with his wife and her family to Oz, he was still alive and well when I last heard. Peter, you never did answer the questions asked about your cousin, Barbara.

Ian Wright (McLeod) said...

Memories came flooding back when I saw this blog. Colin may remember me my name was Ian Wright. I was the one who had to clean the piano because I was always playing it. I also was goalkeeper for football team. I used to knock about with John Saville rip and George Robinson. Had some great times. Lost all photos in house fire.u