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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lumb Hollow

Below are two photos of Lumb Hollow off Ridling Lane
It has changed greatly with the building of the houses which were built by Armitages.

 photo 681bfa2d-e44c-4456-9fee-833d792e2614.jpg
Circa late 1970's- early1980's?
Amelia Street can be seen quite clearly in the background.

 photo d41c82c5-138b-4488-8996-ef022b36a758.jpg
Present day view
Amelia Street can just about be seen at the far left of the houses.

Thanks to Google maps for the second shot.

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Chris Han said...

As a youngster in the late 70's early 80's, myself and my pals would occasionally hang-out on Lumb Hollow.
As we lived around Brook St, we would sometimes get board of sitting on Fine Fare's wall, so we would traipes up Lumb Road to the Chippy next to the Globe pub, and then stroll down Ridling Lane and sit on the swings and climbing frame which sat in Lumb Hollow, eating our fish cakes and chips. Sometimes we'd get a bit of entertainment when a seriously rat arsed punter would fall out of the Irish Club and would have to be helped on his way by a slightly more sober friend, we'd laugh at the sight and shout over or 'encouragements'(!)

I always found Lumb Hollow to be a very creepy place especially in the dark, the street lighting was poor, and it was pretty wild and overgrown, but it would have it's long periods of deathly quiet.

My first regular local was the near-by Oddfellows Arms, maybe due to it being in a secluded quiet locale.

There was a lot of Asian families who lived around Lumb Hollow at the time, and still do I presume, and the smell of very spicy cooking would waft around the area, and linger in the Hollow, which has always stuck in my mind about the place.
I think in the old photo you can just make out what looks like the wooden set of swings, although the I much prefer the modern Lumb Hollow, with it's attractive housing, it still looks quiet though.