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Friday, 3 February 2012

St Georges Scout Troop


Here's a great picture from Fred Booth's collection... this was taken in 1940.. if you recognise anyone or know someone who might be able to put a name to one of the cubs please let us know. 


Werneth Low said...

I'm not convinced this is Holy Trinity. The boy on the left is holding a 2nd Hyde flag which is probably St George's, and the church door and archway behind the boys don't resemble those at Holy Trinity.

Tom said...

Hi Werneth Low... I see I might have to rename this post... I'll drop Fred an email and see what he says.

downsie21 said...

Hi Tom I did say that this was St. Georges scout troop and the lad holding the Union flag in centre of back row is my cousin Neville Massey.

Tom said...

Hi Eric
Sorry for the delay in updating this post with the correct title... and information...


Anonymous said...

St Georges Scout Group is 4th Hyde
Holy Trinity is 3rd Gee Cross
The only 2nd Hyde Group I can see is Westleyen Chapel on Water Street or Norfolk Street and thar seems to have closed in 1938


Anonymous said...

This is 4th Hyde (St Georges) cub pack, probably about 1940. Phil Kindlisides was Akela and he is seated in the biddle. The cub on the extreme right is Derek Sowter.