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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snowy scene


Here is a lovely, snowy view looking down over Gee Cross from Werneth Low.
Both Holy Trinity and Hyde Chapel can be seen in the distance.

Thanks to Jean Wood for the photo !
Much appreciated.


Werneth Low said...

What a lovely peep into the past. I wonder if the photo is dated as it looks to have been taken from a point on Higham Lane close to the corner of Aspland Road, obviously before the houses were built there. Nether Hey works chimney is clearly visible across Baron Road fields. More details would be good!

Dave Williams said...

This is a tricky one, and I've been up there this morning to try to work out from where the photo was taken. My first thought was that it was taken from the path or bridle path that runs up to the cenotaph behind the visitor's centre and that the building in the centre is the old farm, but that seems to be a bit too high up, although it's dead in line with Hyde Chapel as shown in the photo. Opposite the entrance to the visitor's centre, however, across the access road to the car park, there's a track which appears to lead now to the corner house on Spring Avenue. That's also in line with Hyde Chapel and may be the most likely place - which would mean that the building in the centre of the photo would be on the corner of Aspland Road.

Werneth Low said...

Many thanks Dave for going up there. Looks like you could be pretty near the mark with what you've found. The building in the centre had me puzzled as I had imagined it to be actually in what is now Aspland Road rather than at the corner. Obviously I'd underestimated the elevation from the road at which the picture was taken. Did you take any shots while you were up there?

The other thing which strikes me about this photo is the quality of its detail. Considering it must be near to 60 years old, somebody had a fine camera and the expertise to use it well.

Dave Williams said...

I didn't take any photos as there are too many other buildings in the way now to form any kind of comparison, and as you got further up towards the cenotaph the visibility was so bad you couldn't even see Hyde Chapel. I do have quite a good shot of Hyde Chapel, though, which I took some time ago from the gate on Aspland Road leading to the path which goes down to Baron Road which I'll send to Nancy.