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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hattersley 1960s

The building of these houses by Wimpey's were started in 1962, the first people moved on to the estate in May 1963 from Wythenshawe, Gorton, Ardwick, Cheetham Hill and Hulme. These first folks were welcomed by the Mayor of Hyde, and representatives from Wall's meat company in Godley who gave them sausages. A local milk round give out free milk as well. 


The first bus service was the No.5 from Hyde, but was not very frequent local delivery men give residents lifts into Hyde. The newcomers had varying reactions to Hattersley. Some liked the fresh country air, the snow, and the wildlife... but missed the corner shops, the buses and the cinemas. Before the shops were built on Sandybank Avenue, mobile shops served the 1157 families. The Manchester Evening News reported in August 1964, "overspills are making headlines everywhere, Hattersley has got 4000, people, 2 pubs, 3 wooden churches, one Doctor, no cinemas, no playgrounds and almost no teenage entertainment. 

Building Underwood Court - Looking towards Harrop Edge 1965


The houses are on Underwood Road... a lady who lived an the top of one of the tower blocks which looked out onto the rolling hills thought the view was lovely. She was reported in the Manchester Evening News  as telling her friends that she lived in the Hattersley Hilton. Many of the residents were soon to disagree with her, their walls were full of condensation, and the Pylons played havoc and some even prevented the T.Vs working properly.

Pictures and information gleamed from HATTERSLEY THE OLD AND THE NEW by Margaret Knott... I fine read indeed and well worth seeking out a copy the pictures of Old Hattersley are a joy to see.

As always memories of the old and new Hattersley are most welcome and pictures are always a issue, so if you have anything youcould scan and send in then please do so. Our email is hydonian@gmail.com.

Hattersley Lament


Werneth Low said...

Thank you for this. I've always backed off sending pictures and stuff on Hattersley as I wasn't sure if you saw it as part of Hyde - it is, of course. I remember the houses being built in the early 60s and Mottram Old Road becoming even more bogged down with heavy traffic. With the clearing of the site we lost our Sunday afternoon walk venues and picnic places, the old Chapman Arms and, most of all, the quietness.

I don't think Manchester Corporation had considered the "little things of life" when they designed the estate and shipped people out of what were tight-knit communities in Gorton or wherever. For instance there were no shops, although I recall business booming at the New Inn! Cigarette vending machines were installed in the houses and the essentials were made available on the estate by milk, bread, grocery and greengrocery roundsmen. St Barnabas Church was a wooden hut and the first vicar was Rev Noel Pyatt.

Sadly, with the advent of the Hattersley Overspill came a terrific increase in the crime rate - petty crime mostly such as breaking into gas meters. Hyde Magistrates found their workload much greater and the North Cheshire probably added extra pages to cope with it all. Then came Hattersley's achievement of notoriety with the goings on at 16 Wardle Brook Avenue and, as they say, the rest is history.
Does anyone remember Mike Harding's song, The Hattersley Lament?

Tom said...

I'd forgot about Mikes song.. I couldn't find him singing it on You Tube but I've included a video which features the song.

As for us not featuring Hattersley before... we have once or twice, but I have to admit it as never been my favourite place and therefore I've not been that bothered about it... I was proberly hoping someone else would post about it.. ;O)
As for it's infamous history I think that and anything about 'Dr Shipman' is so readily available elsewhere me and Nancy have never touched on it.. I personally would not want to write about them to be honest..
I'm not trying to sweep such things under the mat but Hyde and Hattersley have far more worthy things to mention on here.
I'll try to sort out a few more posts if anything comes to light.. any pictures are most welcome.... Old and New

Werneth Low said...

Tom, I so agree with you that the two periods of great sadness in Hyde should not be majored on in this blog. It is in the past and the people of Hyde have stood shoulder to shoulder to rebuild their lives and community. Let these things never happen again.

Hyde Lad said...

Brilliant Tom, Thanks for using the song. Did you do the accompanying pictures?, if so it must have taken some time. Anyway well done.


Tom said...

Hi Paul.. sorry to say I found this one on You Tube and had nothing at all to do with it, wish I'd have thought of it. It would be an interesting project... any songs that would suit something like this for Hyde, Paul? 'Dirty Old Town' perhaps.. ha!

Werneth Low said...

Oh Tom, how could you? As one who has lived away from Hyde for 47 years, the song which takes me back is An Old Fashioned Town. You will be too young to remember it - I'm also too young, but having been a singer all my life it has taken pride of place in my repertoire.

Just a snippet:

There's n old fashioned house in an old fashioned street
In a quaint little old fashioned town;
It's a street where the cobblestones harass the feet
As it straggles uphill and then down.
And though to and fro through the world I must go,
My heart while it beats in my breast,
Where e'er I may roam, to that old fashioned home
Will fly back like a bird to its nest.

Wherever I am, Hyde is me.

Tom said...

Ha! I'll consider my wrists well and truly slapped.. ;O)
I will see if I can come across it and maybe make a video to go with it... I do remember it being sung as well... ;O) I think....

Hydonian said...

Fantastic photos and Video.
I've actually got a soft spot for Hattersley and it looks like it's going to be a very desirable place to live once all the building of private dwellings has been complete.

Jean said...
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Jean said...

The first picture looks to me like Fields Farm Road.In 1965 I got myself engaged to a lad who lived on this road {but thats another story}.

At the top of the road the houses were allocated to the people from the Read Street area whose homes were being demolished.

These families were not accepted because they were local,seeing how I had a friend who lived in one of these houses I got myself into loads of rows.

franco,italy said...

May you help me ? : I am looking for a dear friend I meet several years ago which name is Denise Melling and the address at that time was: 60 Underwood Court, Hattersley Hyde, Cheshire.
Thanking in advance for any help, my best regards
Franco Macera, Italy

Anonymous said...

wow brill site thanks for letin me in, colin.my perents lived on shelmerdinne close from 1965 to 1983..add so meny good memories there add three sisters calld,jean, pat,and gwenn. does enybody remember mr mrs,dodd..on my old street.. love too here from old pals..were did kevin davis go?..