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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Forty Gang by Derek Adshead




This excellent article was sent to us by Judi Brown.
It was written by her late uncle, Derek Adshead (born 1925).  His father, Isaac Abbott, was one of the members of the Gang.

Thank you so much for this, Judi.....it helps to keep the history alive !


Dave Williams said...

The photo was taken in the old Town Yard, and that's Tanner Street behind the group.

GordonAdshead said...

I was very interested in the excellent post about the Forty Gang: thankyou. I carry out a one-name study of all ADSHEADs worldwide, many of whom lived and worked in Hyde. Only a small point:- you state that Derek Adshead was born in 1925, but I assume that this was in fact the Derek G ADSHEAD born in 1924Mar17 who died in 2005. When his birth was registered his mother's maiden name was listed as ADSHEAD too. Am I correct in assuming that his father (member of the Forty Gang) was not Isaac Abbott ADSHEAD, but Isaac ABBOTT ?

Tom said...

Hi Gorden.. what an interesting comment.. I hope we can get the answers to these questions for you...