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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Farm Knott Lane


In 1910 I'm told that a Mr & Mrs Hadfield kept this farm... and the above picture shows their children.


Picture from Google Maps


Anonymous said...

Hadfields was our milkman in the fifties.we lived in Sandringham Road. Mr Hadfield poured the milk into my Mum's jug a big blue and white one which I still have!
I remember they had a daughter who sometimes came. She was very artistic and got a job at Tootal Broadhurst textile maunfacturers.
Ann Bacon (Stafford)

Tom said...

Thank you Ann,
I grew up on Cheetham Fold Road.. and yet I know very little about the farm... I recall the chickens in the barn building at the side.. but I never recall it as a working farm as such...

Hyde Lad said...

The History of Hyde on page 219 quotes the following:-

The lane from Knott Fold leads to Cheetham Fold Farm, which is in Werneth, but in a cross lane which connects that road with Dowson Road is the farm known as " New England," the modern name of which is Woodfield, and this farm is within the township of Hyde.

tigerboy said...

Woodfield Farm was our family home in the mid seventies

I spoke to my mum tonight and she remembers my dad and her buying the farm, the owners at that time were called Hadfield

The first photo is dated 1910 so I think they would have been descendants if the information is accurate

We inherited the chickens and my brother would sell the eggs of a table from the front of the farm and also deliver on his bike he was quite young 13 if my memory is right

I had two brothers and a sister and we use to love playing in the farm buildings.The chickens where housed in the old milk parlour which is now a bungalow style dwelling as on the second photo, to the left of the farm house itself

Dad went in to partnership with a builder to develop the buildings
it didnt work out if my memory is correct and we moved on in the late seventies.

Dad also had a business also in Gee Cross before he came to the farm past the Queen Adelaide and before the shops that was a long time before Woodfield Farm I can only very vaguely remember that, there are houses there now.

Woodfield farm is featured (briefly) in George Wains film Much Ado, which I discovered by accident.

I have followed the site for sometime what a pleasant surprise to see my old home featured.

Will try to find some old photos myself although it will be a challenge

Kind Regards Mark Browne (Suffolk)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the grand daughter of the Hadfields who owned Woodfield Farm. I think the people in picture are Jane, Lois and possibly Charles

Joan Godfrey nee' Buckley said...

I grew up living opposite Woodfield farm in the 50's and 60's, I remember Mr Hadfield very well, a nice man. Mr and Mrs Hadfield were friends with my parents, Dad used to park his car in one of the garages in the farm yard. In the very early 60's Mr Hadfield very kindly allowed my friends and I the use of a hay loft to play in, best 'Den' ever! What fun, everyone in the 'Gang' still remembers the days, wonderful memories.