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Thursday, 9 February 2012

View over Gee Cross and Hyde

Here is an excellent view of Gee Cross & Hyde, taken from Werneth Low.
You can see the Town Hall ,  St Georges Church and  the Jamia Mosque with its green topped minarets amongst other things.
The town looks so compact, doesn't it !

The picture was taken by David Dixon.
 Many thanks, David.


© Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


Anonymous said...

Where are the red brick houses in the foreground?

Werneth Low said...

Goodness knows, but I think the use of a telephoto lens here has completely distorted what, to me and so many others,is one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Tom said...

It's still a good view... telephoto or not... in fact Dave takes some great pictures with his telephoto and it makes for some good viewing and eazier to pick certain building out much better...
Saying that what 'Werneth Low' says above is a valid point... one can't make a perfect view any better than it is with or without a telephoto... nowt as good as standing on the Low and taking in the fresh air whilst enjoying the view.. I've sat gazing towards Manchester, Oldham and the hills of Wales and tried to imagine the view before the industrial age took over... no pollution.. just clear skies and greenery.. no wonder the 'Low' as always been a place for our past ancestors to stand, watch and admire..

Werneth Low said...

Sorry Tom and Dave - that sounded very harsh and it wasn't meant to. It is a good view and I do appreciate it but the eye's view takes in the vastness of the geography involved here, whilst the telephoto seems to take the 9 towns and piles them on top of each other!

Tom said...

Werneth Low: I would rather have comments that don't always agree as it encourages conversation... anyone who as seen your comments in the past will know by now you are not a harsh person.. in fact the complete opposite. No need to say sorry here... we are all friends. :O)

Dave Williams said...

I've been trying to work out where the houses in the photo are and have come up with the following: As the Town Hall is seen to be behind St George's Church it would appear that the photo has been taken from near Three Lanes End, or The Queen's Trees. I'm not sure about the buildings at the bottom left-hand side, but logically they are somewhere round about the top end of Lord Derby Road. The line of semi-detached houses running diagonally across the centre of the photo seem to be on Sandringham Road, and behind that on Dowson Road the house with the white upper part at an angle to the ones before it is on the corner of Knott Lane. Behind that is a row of terraced houses leading to a row of semi-detached, and that's Grosvenor Road. Behind that to the left of the church is Woodend Lane. Behind the Church and Town Hall you can see the new houses off Newton Street in Bayleyfield, Carrfield and Zorbit Mews.

Hydonian said...

Thanks Dave,I was thinking along the same lines...maybe some of them are Woodfield Avenue etc too?

Dave Williams said...

The ones at the left-hand side of the photo behind the Dowson Road houses are in Primrose Avenue, and the other side of Knott Lane it would be Woodfield Avenue. You can certainly see a few of those houses. If you go into Google Earth and move North slightly towards the West you get the correct line, and you can follow it from the bottom end of Sandringham Road and up past the Town Hall.