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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Verge, above The Cheshire Ring


The Verge, a great place in Hyde for live music... with many great acts strutting there stuff on the stage. The venue is just the right size to be up close and personal with the acts. If you have never been.. you are missing out. A hidden gem in our town.

We now have on the sidebar to the right a link to the venue and a monthly list of who is playing.... where possible will be included links to the acts own web pages. 


Mik Artistik 'Vocals' 


Johnny Flockton 'Guitar'


Benson Walker 'Bass'

Last night's band..  Mik Artistiks Ego-trip were fantastic and prompted me to do this post... we'd seen this band before and had such a great night we went back for more... what saddened me was a half empty room.. and with tickets costing £5 pre-booked or £7 on the door I felt disappointed for the band and organisers. Saying that Mik and the boys give a performance that was worth every penny of the entrance fee and more... 
Well done to all at the Verge for keeping this venue going.. where is The Verge.... above the Cheshire Ring, Manchester Road. 

The Navigation

What was once The Navigations as been known for many years now as The Cheshire Ring.

Cheshire Ring

The pubs a classic... retaining some great features and original deco.. best of all it as a fine array of beers and larger's. There's quiz nights curry nights and much more. Well worth a visit to this friendly pub.


Ric said...

Great night on Sat and a full house.

Tom said...

Thanks Ric
I spoke to Big Graham on Friday he said it was going to be... thank you for commenting....

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