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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Barry Lewis From Oz 'No.2'

Another set of great pictures and memories from our friend in Oz Barry Lewis... it's a pleasure putting these posts together and very kind of Barry for sharing them. Over to Barry.

St Mary’s Primary School 1955


Back row from left to right;  Trevor Nixon, David Sowter, Steven Moore, Ian Bradbury, Peter Rowlands, Gordon Hogg, Barry Lewis, Maurice Barlow,
Fourth Row; Mrs Clegg, Graham Dootson, Anne Smith, Janice Worthington, Erica Seddon, Judith Willox, Anne Burgess, Eileen Birchall,  ?, Colin Turner, Mrs Kindlysides.
Third Row; John Heywood, Joyce Hewitt, Anne Clegg, Brenda Clarke, Janice Smith, Joan Savill, ?, Anne Howcroft, Valerie Linney, Carol Holt, Susan Norton, Brian Blenkinsop,.
Second Row;  Jean Adshead, Carol Willocks, Susan Gerrard,  Lyn Timperly,  Sandra Tatton, ?, Christine Adshead, ?, Rita Shuttleworth. Front Row; Kevin Pentney, Frank Wright, Eric Whittaker, Stanley Mills, Eric Delaney, Eric Hilton, Patrick Smith, David Gibson, Michael Shuttleworth.

Newton Lads Hiking


Pupils from Floweryfield Secondary School, Newton on a hiking trip to the Lake District in 1958.  All are lads from Newton.

Back row: Left to right: Mick Hallas, Kevin Swindells, George Mottram, Alister Frith; 
Middle row: Ian Bellis, Dave ?, Barry Lewis, Mr Glover (Teacher), Kevin Mollineaux.
Front Row David Connell.


This is the 1940s Clothing Ration book of Harry Surch, the Great Grandfather of my three Grandaughters in New Zealand.  Note his address, Goodier House, that is the house where I was born.


Is a photo of myself, Michael Surch and Arlene Surch at the rear of 177 Talbot Rd in the early 50s.  As you can see there was fields at the back of that house, now it is built out.  The old house you can see at the rear is on Bradley Green Rd.  Mike & Arlene live in New Zealand now and he and I are the Grandfathers of the same three Grand daughters in New Zealand as my daughter is married to his Son.  Just a bit of background info, In 1933, Grandad  Jesse Lewis was friends with a bloke at 177 Talbot Rd by the name of Jimmy Taylor,  Jesse’s son Bill (my Father) was friends with Jimmy’s daughter, Nell.  After the war each of them married their respective partners and I was born and Arlene was born, then Mike.  We were friends all our lives and I moved to Aussie and Arlene & Mike moved to NZ, my daughter and Mikes son got together and almost 70 years later, from a friendship that blossomed in Talbot Rd in 1933, the first of three lovely girls were born making Mike and I grandfathers together.


This a photo of the girls


This my Granddad, Jesse Lewis and myself outside his Chip shop at 156 Talbot Rd.


This me in my toy car outside the chip shop.  The house opposite is the house at the corner of Talbot Rd and Bradley Green Rd. Still standing today.


This a photo of myself and Bill Crompton when we joined the RAF in 1964.  Bill and I both lived opposite each other on Bradley Green Road and had grown up together and joined up together. He now lives in Spain and we are still in touch.
Barry Lewis, Australia 


Hydonian said...

Some fabulous memories and photos there, Barry.
Thank you so much for sharing. It's amazing how you are both Grandads to the same set of children - how lovely.
Great friends indeed !

Hyde Lad said...

Hi Barry Paul here, a couple of things:- The clothing book you posted for H.Surch, must be a copy because for some reason I have the original, complete with maroon coupons. I think I got it from Barbara Sole. If you want it back I will gladly send it on to you. Also the picture you published regarding the St Mary's hikers, I used to know a Dave Connell a long time ago who was a very keen rock climber, and lived at the bottom end of St Mary's Rd somewhere, I believe he died sometime ago, is this the same person ??

Trish said...

Love the photos Barry, especially the Newton Lads hiking in the Lakes.I married kevin Mullineaux (the lad on the right of the photo) We married at Holy Trinity Church Gee Cross in 1966 and George Mottram and Dave Connell were ushers, (lovely lads) We lost touch with the lads, but sadly we did hear that Dave had died about ten years ago, he didn't live in this area any more. And yes, Dave was a very keen rock climber, in 1964 Dave, George ( I am sure his real name was Alan Mottram) and Kevin went to the Isle of Syke for two weeks camping and rock climbing. Kevin and I were together a long time, and had very many happy years together and we have two great daughters, but I am sad to add that we recently divorced. But I will always remember the good times.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here, Paul, Yes please, I would love to have them back as thery belong to Harry's daughter, Arlene, who lives in NZ who I visit every year. She would love them back. She forwarded them to Barbara for inclusion in her third book which you took over when she couldn't do it. Do you also have the photo of a little lad in a boy scout uniform named James Taylor ? She sent that also and it's her Grandad. That photo is also in your book (I think). I will email you my address in Oz. As to your Dave Connel query, yes, that was the same Dave Connell.

Trish, Thanks for the reply, sorry to hear that you and Kev are no longer together. Dave Connell died of a Brain tumor about 10 years ago. I haven't seen or heard from any of 'The lads' since 1961.