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Saturday, 4 February 2012

French Swimming Team


Another picture from Fred Booth to tempt us today... the cars are all parked on Market Street, outside the Cheshire Cheese Pub.. and Dawson's shop which we featured the other day. I have struggled with the date on this but think it says May 1908... any more information would be great. It must have something to do with Hyde Seal Swimming Club. 


Dave Williams said...

I think you could be right about the date of 1908. I can't identify any of the cars, but they certainly seem to be pre-1910 models.

As far as the French swimming team is concerned, The History of Hyde says about the Hyde Seal Swimming Club's successes in the early years of the 20th century:
"The triumph of the Seals made Hyde famous throughout the swimming world, and year by year the town received visits from the champion teams of other nations. In 1907 the Belgians visited Hyde, and were accorded a civic welcome by the Mayor - Alderman J.W.D. Barron, J.P. In the water polo match which took place in the Hyde baths, the Hyde team were the victors by 4 to 1. In turn Swedes, French and Austrians visited Hyde, and were all well beaten by the Hyde Seal's team."

Tom said...

Ah! thanks Dave... I found it hard enough last night sorting out a post... never thought to look into 'The Book'.. ha!

Hyde Lad said...

I can just distinguish the name of the shop next door to Dawsons, it appears to be Oultons. Checking directories of the time the only reference is of George Oulton, outfitters at 132 Hyde Lane in 1914, the previous directory I have is 1902 which shows some other occupier, so the date of around 1910 looks good.

Tom said...

Comment posted on behalf of Marjorie Robinson

"Saw your blog of Feb 4th. The Seals went to Belgium in 1907 and again in June 1908 (Fares & hotel expenses were £3!) The Belgians paid a return visit in July that year. There is a picture of their arrival at Hyde station on page 21 of the book I wrote about Hyde Seal swimming club. There should be a copy in Hyde Library

Marjorie Robinson